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How to Identifying the Best Pocket Knife

Best Pocket KnifeIt is really important to make sure that you always have a best pocket knife with you. It’s one of the everyday essential that each person should have which is useful for various purposes. The general purpose of the pocket knife is to cut things.

Choosing the best pocket knife is a complicated task. There are many different types of manufacturers selling different ranges of best pocket knife from a cheap range to an expensive range. There are many choices available to you. But still you have to decide what knife will suit your need such as Swiss Army Knives, jack knives, canoe, bar low, camper, lock-blade & multi-tool.

Although you decided what type of best pocket knife to buy, but still a lot of factors should consider. This includes factors such as blade size, the purpose you are using it for, steel type and etc.

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We understand that you can only make decisions when you compare different types of products and pick the best out of it which suits your requirements. You might do not have enough time to browse through the internet to research the reviews of each brand individually.

This is where you find our website very useful. We help you select the best pocket knife and give recommendations that might suit you.

We have done all the hard work and reviewed each knife with the honest review that will cover all the information of the particular knife. We have presented the review very clearly so that you can understand and compare it with other reviews in our website. We highly recommend you that go through our website step-by-step to get the most use out of it.

Guide me to decide to chose Best Pocket Knife !

It’s very important to know all the factors before deciding to buy a best pocket knife. You might be confused with so much of knives to select one out of the huge list.

This problem occurs when you do not have a clear idea of what you need exactly. We cannot predict what type of knife will suit you because every person has different requirements and mindset.

We make sure to give a fully detailed review of each knife individually so that you can easily make your decision. We will definitely help you stay away from poor and useless knives that you should not buy.

We select only the high quality manufacturer’s products and write reviews on those. We are highly focused on guiding you to make your experience in choosing the knife easier and quicker.

We have created a separate section where all the reviews of each knife are posted. You can check all the reviews by clicking the review section tab on the top of this page.

You can compare, think and make decisions after you read the each review individually. Each review is posted as a separate post. This make sure you can read one review at a time without focusing on the multiple reviews at the same time.

We personally go through the reviews and pick out the best knives that go to our recommendation list which is useful for you. We select the knives that are very popular and best-selling on the market today.

This is very useful if you are a best pocket knife enthusiast or a person who is buying his first knife. You can see our few recommended knives details below, but still it is not a must that you should make your decision from the report presented below. You can go through the review section as well to select the knife that suits your specifications.

Our current Recommended pocket knives


  • Kershaw Leek by Ken Onion – Best Pocket Knife

Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife with Speed SafeThis is no surprise that this knife is in our top recommended pocket knives list. This is one of the highest rated and best-selling knives in the market today.

Ken onion designed this elegant knife that is a part of Kershaw’s Leek series. Ken onion is an award-winning custom knife maker who has promoted as the premium designer of knife for the Kershaw knife.
He invented the speed safe technology which enables smooth blade deployment.

The Sandvik 14C28N steel blade is very sharp which will remain sharp for a long period. However, it is recommended not to use it in the heavy-duty things.
The Kershaw Leek knife comes in different types of colors so that you can choose the color that you like. It is lightweight and sleek which has a superior and modern design construction that is user-friendly. It has received almost a total 670+ genuine reviews with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.

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  • Benchmade Mini Griptilian – Best Pocket Knife

Benchmade Mini-Griptilian Pardue Design Folding Knife Benchmade is one of the leading best pocket knife manufacturers in the world. Their Griptilian knife series has become a tremendous hit and popular among the best pocket knife enthusiasts.

Benchmade Mini Griptilian is represented as EDC knife (Every Day Carry). It’s formed using a drop point blade that is a mixture of stainless steel which is very sharp. It is open quickly with one hand using your thump studs. It has a versatile and superior design construction.
This series does offer other revolutionary and impressive features that you cannot expect in an ordinary pocket knife. It is design with AXIS Lock Mechanism that has a tiny spring-loaded steel bar which shifts forward and come back to the original position.

This helps keep up the smooth motion when handling this knife.
Mini Griptilian is a light-weight and excellent knife that is useful for everyday purpose. It has excellent ratings and reviews in the Amazon that is truly unbelievable.

This is available to buy for less than $90 that is really a great deal that you should give a try. You can check the current pricing and the review by clicking this link.

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  • Buck 110 – Best Pocket Knife

Buck 110 Folding Hunter, Lockback Folding KnifeBuck 110 is one of the most iconic and popular hunting style knives that are rated as one of the best-selling and trendy knife in the market today.

It has a fine design construction that takes you back to the 1999s. It’s considered as one of the first lock back knives. Buck is the brand that created this masterpiece and significant knife that is very popular. It is durable which remains sharp for a long period.

This is a mixture of silver, gold & brown color constructed knife.

Buck’s 420HC resistant steel that doesn’t rust which is one of the best features of this knife. This is designed to profession to make sure it remains easy to use without any hesitation.

The lock is top-class which do not allow blade in any direction that can hurt you. The whole knife is almost five inches closed and the blade is three and a quarter inches long.

Buck 110 has a significant and excellent rating in Amazon that is truly awesome. It has received a rating of 4.9 out of 5. It has a total of 310+ reviews and still counting.

The rating is very positive which you do not find in other ordinary types of pocket knives. If you are a camper or a general outdoors men this is a very affordable knife that will not disappoint your expectations.

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  • Spyderco Tenacious – Best Pocket Knife

Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge KnifeSpyderco is one of the most trusted knife manufacturers in the world that is very popular. This has unique design construction that fits in your hand comfortably.

It’s easily recognizable and has an elegant and superior design. Spyderco is one of the well-established knife brands that have received tones of positive reviews from its satisfied clients throughout the world.

Spyderco Tenacious is a tactical knife that can be used as an EDC knife. It has a leaf shaped blade that is very sharp.

It can perform heavy tasks with the minimal use of the blade in either direction. It’s a very affordable knife that has many premium features that you did not expect.

The distinctive thumb hole is one premium feature that is useful for smooth blade deployment. The handle is made out of stainless steel which minimizes the weight and provides a good grip to make sure you can use it comfortably without any problems.

Overall, it’s really a worthy product that you should have if you look for an affordable, but yet professional knife that can perform various tasks. It has a rating of 4.7 in Amazon out of 602 reviews.

These stats can change, but the above stat is the correct one while we were writing this review.

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  • SOG Flash II – Best Pocket Knife

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools FSA-8 Flash IISOG is leading the best knife manufacturer that has won the desires of many people. SOG Flash II is an excellent and affordable knife that is used for every-day-carry purpose.

It looks similar to Benchmade Griptilian in appearance. It is a durable and razor sharp knife. The Flash II begins spring assisted open technology feature that will make sure smoother and faster opening of the knife.
It is lightweight and has a strong design construction. It has a locking switch technology which makes sure you are safety from the blade deployment. It has an excellent solid handle that provides a good grip which doesn’t slip away or fall off from the hand. This knife provides all round performance that is really excellent.

The SOG Flash II has received a total of 110+ positive customer reviews with a rating of 4.5 out of five on Amazon. It is very affordable to buy because it costs less than $40.

You can select the model that suits from the various types of Flash II series that is an excellent option that comes with this knife series. You can check the current price of this knife by clicking this link.

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Still notsure which is the Best Pocket knife to buy?

We understand that you always prefer to have more choices when it comes to select the best pocket knife which will suit your requirements.

You can check out our review section to find out reviews of other individual knives separately which will be useful for you. You can make your decision after comparing the knives and pick the one out that you decide to buy.

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What is vital in selecting the right knife?

You might think what are the few factors that should be considered if you are about to select the right knife. This is one of the most common doubts that most of you might have. We have listed some of the main factors below.

  • The Blade

Blade is the important section of the knife which must be seriously considered when you are about to buy a knife. The simple formula is that the blade needs to be razor sharp that should not have a dull blade.

The knife manufacturers know the importance of this so that they give extra more importance to the blade when designing their product.They consider a lot of factors such as re-sharpening, corrosion resistant and the strength of the blade. The blade should be made out of pure stainless steel.

  • The Handle

The handle is another important factor that you should consider before selecting a particular knife. A good handle must be solid and tough. It should not absorb any kind of moisture such as water which can cause slippery. The construction of the handle should be easy to use without any hesitation.

  • The Design and Ergonomics

The design is an important section to acknowledge before making any final decision. The design should be user-friendly. It should fit in your hand more comfortably. Ergonomics refers to efficiency on working environments. It should be efficient and easier to use.

  • Worth for money

This is really important that you make sure the knife you decided to buy is really worthy or not. It has to have unique features that you expect for the money you are paying to the manufacturer.

You have to identify all the aspects of pricing to find out whether it is really worth. This can lead you to a great investment if you do the calculations correctly according to your specification.

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I hope you enjoy my Best Pocket Knife Reviews

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